Whose Eye Is On Which Sparrow

The Haworth Press, 2004
ISBN 1-56023-518-7

What happens to love when life gets in the way?

When a privileged young doctor falls in love with a handsome black man, he searches for the courage to follow his heart down an unexpected path, leaving behind a wife, children, and a promising political career. Can Dr. Brendan Garrison give up his white-bread world of servants, cocktail parties, and charity events for a future with Jonathan Miles? Can Jonathan leave the security of his job as church choir director to pursue his dream of singing opera? And can their love survive the stigma of homosexuality and the oppression of subtle racism that is still very much part of society? Whose Eye Is On Which Sparrow? reaches across the boundaries of class, culture, race, and sexuality to tell the story of the difficult choices that sometimes complicate a simple love.

Brendan hadn’t been confronted with many ultimatums in his life. Most things had just fallen into his lap. Medical school, the one he wanted. Sandra. The kids. Success. An enormous house and a fancy car. Maybe this strange new desire would be the same. Maybe it would slide easily into that long chain of gifts from a benevolent … No. Oh, no. It wasn’t God who was tempting him this way. Forget that. He stretched again. Watched the sky, felt helpless. He did know one thing for sure: all this was no whim. No passing fancy that would fade as suddenly as it had appeared. No. It was welling up from someplace deep inside him. And he had no idea where it might take him.

But as he struggles to balance the responsibilities and demands of being a husband, healer, father, son, lover, and friend, Brendan is forced to make hard choices that will forever change his life and the lives of everyone he loves. His unexpected love for Jonathan has turned his well-ordered world upside down, shaking loose new feelings about what he believes – and what he believes in.

“There are some things I know about love, and one of them is this: If it’s going to last, mean something, it can’t be just a romantic fantasy. The kind we’ve been playing at. You can’t keep it tucked away in a little compartment and bring it out only on special occasions. When you’ve got time for it. It has to be out there all the time, gaining strength, so it can survive the harsh realities it’s bound to bump up against, day after day. It has to – or it will die.”

From author Robert Taylor, whose All We Have Is Now remains one of the most popular books ever offered by the InsightOut® Book Club, Whose Eye Is On Which Sparrow? strikes just the right balance between head and heart as its characters struggle to find the courage to give up the lives they have for the lives they want.

“Robert Taylor’s work has always been about fate and choices, about the hands we are dealt and the way we decide to play them – to stand pat or to fold – and the consequences that ensue.”

– Andrew W. M. Beierle, Author of The Winter of Our Discotheque

“CHOCK-FULL OF ROMANCE, INTIMACY, INFIDELITY, AND BIGOTRY, this novel bravely tackles issues of race and class in contemporary America. Robert Taylor wisely avoids the limitations of labels – gay, bi, straight – in this exploration of one man’s desire for another and the self-awakening that new love can inspire. A NOVEL OF ROMANTIC HOPE.”

– Daniel M. Jaffe, Author of The Limits of Pleasure

“The best writing can be deceptive in its simplicity. Robert Taylor is that kind of writer: he makes an INTRICATE AND EMOTIONALLY RICH story look effortless. He tackles tough subjects head-on, without flinching, but ultimately this novel is a warm and wise reflection on the lives of characters we are glad to have met.”

– Marshall Moore, Author of The Concrete Sky